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In the fastest growing sport in the world, athletes need to have all bases covered.

Intensiti Fighter Management pride themselves on providing expert guidance to athletes both during and after their fighting careers. IFM are in your corner, even when you hang up the gloves.

Fighting isn’t a walk in the park. What a fighter really needs is a management team who look after their interests so that they can focus on their goals. Whether it’s getting the right fight at the right price, securing spots on the biggest shows on the planet or generating sponsorship interest, at Intensiti Fighter Management we believe we can give you the edge over your competitors.

IFM have been building industry relationships for over a decade. We have superb contacts across all of the biggest and best MMA organisations on the planet, and can help you take the next step when the time comes. When you decide to end your fighting career, our links to gyms across the world give you access to jobs and positions which could allow you to stay close to the sport you love without stepping into the octagon.

At IFM, we take your career as seriously as you do.

'We have more than a decade's experience advising and guiding martial arts athletes from amateur to world professional level and we have a proven track record of success.'
Graham Boylan